Hi, I’m Samantha Kibler and I’m a contradiction.

And actually that works to my advantage because I'm a designer. Design requires someone to be imaginative yet practical. Design means form is just as valuable as function. The design process is messy and incredibly complicated yet the final product should be polished and easily understood. Because of my eclectic personality, I draw upon the aspects of myself that are best suited for a given project. That way it's less about any sort of personal style and more about the needs of the project at hand.

On a more personal note, I'm a homebody stricken with a serious case of wanderlust. By nature, I’m an introvert but I have a deep appreciation for people. I have a rational mind yet am a committed person of faith. I enjoy new things but also enjoy the predictability of a good routine. As both a person and a designer, I am adaptable. I rise to any challenge set before me with any skills and traits it may require. And that’s why I think being a contradiction is actually a pretty good thing.