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Statistics 101

A web project demystifying the money trail in American higher education

Pep Boys Sustainability Infographic

An infographic documenting Pep Boys' recycling programs

Viva Love Branding

A boutique dedicated to bringing fashion to all

Citylight Church Graphics

Various web graphics used to promote the messages of Citylight Church's sermons

Pep Boys Initiative Logos

A collection of logos completed for corporate initiatives

STEAM Historic Polymath Poster Series

An expandable poster series for a good cause

Pep Boys Web Header & Footer

A redesign of's header and footer reflecting the company's "Road Ahead" redesign within their stores

Hair of Hamish Scotch Packaging

A brand tapping into the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands

GasBuddy App Redesign

A conceptual brand, UX and UI refresh for a highly functional app

Cigarette Recycling Posters

A campaign promoting cigarette butt recycling, no matter the location